This week I collaborated with the amazing ReadyToGlare!

We discussed the dangers of promoting unhealthy lifestyle choices and the similarities between the this new wave of “body positivity” and the 90s fashion trend of promoting anorexic physiques on both the catwalks of fashion shows and magazines.

Check out ReadyToGlare’s video for further commentary:

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How Shane Dawson Changed YouTube Forever.

Hi everyone,

Today’s video is something a little different! I decided to try a new video format and do a voice-over video in a documentary style. Inspired by the subject of my video, Shane Dawson. Who is most well-known for is Docu-series videos, featuring Jeffree Star, Graveyardgirl & Tana Mongeau.

This video is a brief history of Shane Dawson’s rise to fame and how/why he is the Queen of YouTube. This video was made in honour of the ten year anniversary of when Shane and his family were fired from Jenny Craig for recording a YouTube video at work.

This is the story of how that day changed his entire life for the better in the end. It’s an inspirational story of how everything works out in the end. I really hope you enjoy this type of video. I had fun editing it!

Enjoy 🙂

How To Pronounce Traditional Irish Names!

Dia duit mo chairde! Conas atá tú? (Hello, friends! How are you?)

In this video I teach you how to pronounce some traditional Irish names.

Feel free to give it a try and tell me how many you got right (or wrong, haha). I have been thinking about doing more Irish related videos in the future, so if you enjoy this type of content I will continue to make it. Maybe I will do a video on how to pronounce Irish surnames next?

ádh mór ort (good luck!).