Transgender People React to Genderbend Cosplays!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in over a week because a lot has been going on in my personal life and I have been suffering from an achey cold. Weh.

However, I finally got a chance to edit a video in which I collaborated with some wonderful people from the transgender community.

In this video we discuss genderbend cosplays & if most transgender people consider them transphobic or offensive.

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Roxanne Pallett admits accusing Ryan of punching her was “Wrong”.

After a shocking episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK aired on TV this week, people across the UK & Worldwide were talking about the strange and manipulative behaviour displayed by actress Roxanne Pallett.

In this video I discuss the terrifying dangers of false accustations and how easily a minor incident can snowball out of control and be warped into something it’s not.

I am curious to here what you think. Let’s start an open dialogue!

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This week I collaborated with the amazing ReadyToGlare!

We discussed the dangers of promoting unhealthy lifestyle choices and the similarities between the this new wave of “body positivity” and the 90s fashion trend of promoting anorexic physiques on both the catwalks of fashion shows and magazines.

Check out ReadyToGlare’s video for further commentary:

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